About Ava Loves Rosie

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to make things! My earliest memory is of making my mum a necklace from a sweet wrapper and some cotton thread. I can remember - despite only being about three - that I was incredibly proud of my creation! 

In the years that followed I would while away many hours making models from salt dough, dried pasta or empty boxes and tins. In my teens I began making jewellery from polymer clay and selling it at a local craft market.
Since those days, I must have tried my hand at almost every craft! It’s safe to say that I absolutely love designing and crafting. I also have a huge passion for vintage and I am an avid collector of all manner of vintage and antique bits and pieces! Again, this has been a lifelong enthusiasm of mine!
So, it will be of no surprise that my creations and designs are heavily influenced by my love of vintage style. I am a nostalgia addict and I love to create a warm sense of nostalgia and a flurry of happy memories in all that I create.
The result of my obsession for crafting, my love of all things cute, my passion for vintage and my desire to create a sense of comforting, fuzzy nostalgia was Ava Loves Rosie - a happy little online place where I can offer my creations for sale!
I do hope you enjoy your visit to my online shop. Thanks so much for stopping by!!