Ruby’s Vanilla Cake Scented Wax Melt

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A sweet vanilla fragrance - think cake mix and soft buttercream.

These sweet little mini wax bars offer around 40 hours of fragrance for your home. Highly fragranced wax - a blend of soy and mineral waxes for superior scent throw.

I have chosen the fragrances for this range of wax melts with a vintage, nostalgic theme in mind. The  effect of our sense of smell on our mood is so powerful and I feel that this range of wax melts helps to evoke a sense of nostalgia and happy memories.

Always ensure that there is at least 1cm of wax in your wax burner’s wax well to ensure that the burner doesn’t overheat.
Add wax to the burner before igniting tea light. Use only in burners designed for wax and never add water. 

Always follow candle safety and refer to the instructions and safety advice supplied with your burner. 

Keep away from children and animals and avoid contact with skin.

20g min

One supplied. Lots more fragrances to choose from! 

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