Pretty Wooden Hoop Dried Flower Wreath

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A simple wooden hoop decorated with a little bunch of dried flowers.

Perfect for displaying on a wall or door... You could even place it in a shadow frame. 

Please note that  each mini hoop is unique - the dried flowers are chosen from a selection and I use different variations on each hoop. The colours are all based around cream, blush and pink.

Measures approx 6” diameter.

Care for your wooden hoop:

The hoop is intended for indoor use and should be displayed in a room where there is low humidity. It is worth keeping in mind that direct sunlight may fade the flowers over time, so a less sunny spot might be a good choice.

If the wreath should become dusty, you can use a hairdryer on a gentle cold setting to lift any dust.

Keep away from children and animals.

One supplied.