Little Matchbox Friends - Baby It’s Cold Outside

Little Matchbox Friends - Baby It’s Cold Outside

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I have always been enchanted by all things miniature... There is something magical about the idea of a tiny hidden world within something mundane.

I had a lot of fun creating these little matchbox worlds and I look forward to adding more designs to the range.

The tiny box measures 3.5x5cm and slides open to reveal a sweet little scene inside. You could display them open on your desk, window sill, bookshelf... Wherever it will catch your eye and make you smile. Or you could keep the little box closed, with the contents hidden away, only opening it when you want to peek inside and check on the little secret world within...

Ideal to send through the post to a friend.

Constructed from 300gsm card

One supplied 

Please note, these are decorative items only, not toys, and shouldn’t be given to young children as the small parts could present a choking risk.



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