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These strong two-ply Kraft paper bags are printed with a sweet spring market design. They are finished with a jute string bow and they measure approx : 19 x 15.5 × 10 cm but please do keep in mind that height can vary slightly between bags as they are all finished by hand.

The Kraft paper gives a lovely rustic feel to the bags - creasing is normal and expected and adds to the rustic appeal.

What can you use this paper bag for?
Well, you could pop a glass/jar of fresh flowers inside, you could display dried flowers, add a potted plant (but keep in mind that if your plant pot has holes you will need to stand it in a yoghurt pot or a small plastic bag as the bags ARE NOT WATERPROOF).
You could keep it next to your bed and pop a book and pair of glasses inside… It could be filled with pens, tape and other desk essentials… Perhaps it could keep a secret stash of chocolate safe.
And of course, they offer a lovely way to package a gift.

Supplied flat, requires gentle unfolding and manipulation.

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