Dried Flower Rustic Mini Wreath - Purple Rain

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A pretty little wreath formed from twisted grapevine and featuring a mix of dried flowers and grasses in soft lilac tones.

Perfect for displaying on a wall or door... You could even place it in a shadow frame. 

Measures approximately 14c diameter.

A sweet gift and a lovely way to enjoy the beauty of flowers throughout the year. A care card is provided with the information below.

Hanging your dried wreath:

 The best way to hang the wreath is on a short hook/nail. Anchor the vine base so that the hook/nail sits between the thin strands of vine. Hanging the wreath against the wall instead of suspended will allow you to dictate how the wreath sits, rather than allowing gravity and the weight of the foliage to decide.

 Care for your dried wreath:

The wreath is intended for indoor use and should be displayed in a room where there is low humidity. It is worth keeping in mind that direct sunlight may fade the flowers over time, so a less sunny spot might be a good choice.

If the wreath should become dusty, you can use a hairdryer on cold setting to gently lift any dust.

Keep away from children and animals.

Finished with a length of hand dyed cotton fabric.